Pechenga Region


Pechenga Region

Here Russian Arctic begins

On the border of Russian North

Pechenga region is situated beyond the Arctic circle in Murmansk region and from Kola region it’s separated by Titovka river. Administrative center of it is Nikel urbanized settlement. On the west the region borders to Scandinavian countries, Norway and Finland, famous with their picturesque views and ecologically clean zones. The borders are only several tens of kilometers away from Nikel.


The territory of Pechenga is full of many reservoirs. The climate is temperate, though it’s also characterized with strong variability and much influenced with warm North Atlantic stream (Gulfstream). Average temperature in Pechenga is minus 10,8 Celsius degrees in winter and plus 12,3 Celsius degrees in summer.

A bit of history

Pechenga region is a unique place of our country with its own rich history. This is Russian North place where up today different cultures cross.

Only in XVI century, owing to orthodox ascetic Tiphon Pechengsky initiative, the most part of the region became Russian language speaking.

The diversity of nations, lived on this territory, really surprises. These are militant Vikings, going to peninsula by ships; brave pomors, whose communities still are found on Russian North; and saams – finno-ugric community with amazing traditions, language, craft and religion.

Polar region features

Real wonders happen here with time: there are three time zones in Rayakoski village. During spring and summer period all the sightseeing of Pechenga region can be viewed both day and night: polar days hide darkness from people eyes. In autumn and summer time the peninsula dives into darkness and enjoys citizens and guests with north radiances.

How to get to

There are different options to get to our region: both on the ground and in the air. The closest airports are in Murmansk (201 km from Nikel) and in Norwegian town Kirkenes (54 km from Nikel) – from them to the center of the region you can go by bus or car on federal route Kola.


Pechenga region is very popular among skiing lovers: every year at the beginning of spring traditional mass ski race “Friendship ski track” is organized here.  Twelve-kilometer race track is made through three countries borders. The finish point is the cross of them. This race is a real event for Barents region citizens, that symbolizes international sportsmen friendship.

Korzunovo village is a great place for drag racing connoisseurs: on the airdrome takeoff runway, where Gagarin took off on jet, the competitions named “402-meter-auto races “Gagarin flight”

Certainly, it should not be forgotten that Pechenga is a fishermen favorite place. Here there is lots of different kinds of fishes: from trout to pike. And in summer period Pechenga and Titovka rivers are open for licensed salmon fishing.

Culture and nature attractions

Pechenga region can surprise with interesting and unique places diversity: only peninsulas Rybachiy and Sredniy cannot leave anyone, who sees their spaces, panoramic view to the Barents sea and famous mystic rocks, named by citizens “Brothers”, indifferent.

Another monument of nature situated not far from Nikel urbanized settlement is no less beautiful, that is Shuoniyoki waterfall, recognized as one of the most picturesque place in Murmansk region. Here also on the border with Norway and Finland you can find Pasvik, the cleanest international guarded reserve park in Europe.

If you are interested in the region history regional museum is a must-to-visit, it’s a great guide into numerous ethnic groups that used to be a real creative power of the region.

In Luostari village you can observe the third revival of St. Trinity Monastery, founded by Tifon Pechengsky. At school in Korzunovo village there is a museum of the first cosmonaut personality, where you can see Gagarin gifts and personal things.

We invite you to a video trip around the Pechenga region

Source: Department of Culture, Sports and Youth Policy of the Administration of the Pechenga Region