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Autonomic Non-profit Organization “Development project center of Pechenga region «Second School” - is a main driver of realization and support integrator of social and economic development program of urbanized settlement Nikel and Pechenga region in Murmansk area.
Founders of the center are Public education administration of Pechenga region in Murmansk area and Joint-stock company «Kola mining and metallurgical corporation».

We are "The Second School"

We are the team of professionals. We live and work in Nikel. We love our region and wish it being developed and prospered.

Development History

In autumn 2019 it was announced that technologically outdated melting shop in Nikel would be closed. Besides global employee support program there was a need in alternative development ways of Nikel as a mono-town (company town). Heads of the region, Nornikel company and local activists started working on Nikel social and economic development strategy.

Positive Changes Driver

On the base of public space «Second School» there was created «Development project center of Pechenga region «Second School», the main aim of which was to drive positive changes.

Besides social and cultural space transformation the center makes economics diversification projects integration: business development, town space, tourism and also increase of population social activity and Nikel and region new image forming.

Our projects

«Second School» helps business

We support small and medium-sized business and grow the territory attractiveness for new investments.

What we do:

Increase the quality and level of life in the region

  • Stimulate business development

  • Create business teams

  • Form business thinking among young people

  • Support local initiatives

«Second School» for tourism

We increase touristic interest to the region.

What we do:

  • Reveal the uniqueness of the region

  • Identify the touristic potential of the territory

  • Promote new international touristic goods

  • Form attractive image of the region

  • Create the brand of Pechenga region

«Second School» for town

We contribute to the infrastructure and town area development in Nikel and Zapolyarny.

What we do:

  • Create the plan of region sustainability.

  • Reveal the town systems uniqueness

  • Develop street art culture in Nikel

  • Make modern place for festivals

  • Increase the quality of town environment

«Second School» for society

We upgrade cultural life and expand border communications.

What we do:

  • Identify creative potential of local community

  • Reveal versatile Nikel image

  • Create new teams of activists

  • Form new competencies

Whom we work for

Start-uppers and experienced businessmen

Tourists and guests of festivals and town events

Local citizens

Talented creative people of Pechanga region

Activists and volunteers

Pechenga Region

Here Russian Arctic begins

On the border of Russian North

Pechenga region is situated beyond the Arctic circle in Murmansk region and from Kola region it’s separated by Titovka river. Administrative center of it is Nikel urbanized settlement. On the west the region borders to Scandinavian countries, Norway and Finland, famous with their picturesque views and ecologically clean zones. The borders are only several tens of kilometers away from Nikel.

Polar region features

Real wonders happen here with time: there are three time zones in Rayakoski village. During spring and summer period all the sightseeing of Pechenga region can be viewed both day and night: polar days hide darkness from people eyes. In autumn and summer time the peninsula dives into darkness and enjoys citizens and guests with north radiances.

Weather at Pechenga Region

Check current weather at Nickel, Zapolyarny and Pechenga.