The brand of Nikel presented to the working group


The brand of Nikel presented to the working group

The brand of Nikel was presented to the working group by ‘Asmysl’ company.

Development of a modern brand for Nikel is part of the concept of socio-economic development of the Pechengsky District.

To create a brand, the Asmysl team conducted a survey among residents of Nikel, online meetings with citizens and government officials, as well as a study of the territory.

Among the proposals are the use of the main graphic images that Nickel residents often encounter - the designation Ni, three pipes, rocks and stones. For example, the Ni transformation in fonts and signs can be used in the reading of a road sign, as well as echo the symbols of the flags of the Scandinavian countries.

- For ordinary people, good communication develops the presence of a character, - said Igor Makovsky during the presentation. - On the territory of Nikel there is an underestimated item – cores (drill samples). They impressed us, and we propose to give them faces. As the result it will be a character that can be used for comics, social networks, in posters and for broadcasting various information.

During the online meeting, the working group discussed the proposals of the developers, the participants shared their impressions and opinions about the styles, fonts and ideological meanings of the brand.

- We really like the work that the team has done. This is a lively modern way to show our wonderful district, - shared Larisa Zelkova, Senior Vice President - Head of HR, Social Policy and Public Relations at Nornickel. - This is a breath of fresh air. I think it is useful to shape the image of the future, including through such an identity. The style of the work is clear to the younger generation and active people who will gladly come to the Pechengsky District.

In addition, during the meeting, it was decided to develop a brand for Pechengsky Municipal District with tourist markers and settlements.

Source: Alena Afanasyeva for kn51.ru