The project «Craft way 2021» in Nickel


«Craft Way 2021»

The project is focused on increasing the opportunities of craftsmen in professional growth, self-promotion and development of new product markets.

Project goals:

  1. Forming long-term partnerships between craftsmen;

  2. Experience exchange and opportunity to study new work technologies, materials, etc.

  3. Training to promote products on international trading platforms.

  4. Development of products with a northern theme using various technologies.

Member countries: 🇷🇺Russia and 🇳🇴Norway.

Project manager - Autonomic Non-profit Organization “Development project center of Pechenga region «Second School” under the sponsorship of PJSC “MMC “Norilsk Nickel”

The project blocks


Participants will be trained to work on ETSY, the electronic trading platform specializing in handicrafts; will create their own electronic stores from scratch on social networks VKontakte, Instagram, Facebook.

The training format is online.


The craftsmen will act as presenters and participants in workshops on various manufacturing techniques, improve their teaching skills and master new techniques.

Trade fairs

2 online and offline fairs will be organized during the project. Participants will be able to present their works for sale and meet colleagues from different fields of creativity.

Final exposition

Participants will demonstrate their skills at the final exposition, for which they will prepare works in their techniques, on a theme set by the organizers.

Project partners

Irina and Aleksey Dovgan

Co-founders and co-authors of the largest Etsy blog on the Runet - proetsy.ru, founded in 2015.

Authors of the Etsy Seller Handbook and courses on registering, setting up and promoting Etsy stores.

Speakers of offline conferences in Moscow and Kiev, dedicated to international online sales of handmade goods.

They have audited several dozen Etsy stores. Helped hundreds of craftsmen turn their hobby into an additional source of income through sales on Etsy.

Irina Dovgan is also the owner of an Etsy jewelry store.

Alekey Dovgan is a programmer by education, he is focused on the technical side of Etsy (including the work of the site's search algorithms)

Internet marketing agency «Les»

An internet marketing, design and content agency with key expertise in ecology, tourism, and territorial development. Clients include nature reserves and national parks, WWF Russia, the Ivanovo Region Tourism Development Center, travel companies and accommodation facilities, large Russian and international companies.

 A distinctive feature of the agency's approach to work is the absence of template solutions, deep immersion in the product and subject area, federal and international experience of employees.

The founder of the agency, Mikhail Butorin, got the Runet Prize in 2017.

Stages of the project

From 1 to 25 March 2021 - accepting applications for participation.

From March 25 to April 1, 2021 - formation of the final participation list.

From April 2 to May 31, 2021 - educational block

September 2021 - online trade fair.

October-November 2021 - holding workshops for the participants and by the participants.

October-November 2021 - production of the works for the final exposition.

December 2021 - offline fair. Final exposition of products.

Please contact us to get additional information by phone +7-953-759-79-29 or by e-mail northcraftway@gmail.com


Participants of the project

40 craftsmen from Russia and Norway are invited to the project. The list of participants is formed and agreed upon based on the results of consideration of the submitted applications.

The terms of participation

Participation in the project is considered according to the submitted application.

Participation is free for residents of the Pechenga region, for the Murmansk region (Russia), Servaranger commune (Norway).

The project participant signs an agreement for mandatory participation in all project fairs in online and offline formats, participation in the creation of products for the final exhibition.