Gastro Industry Fest: participants presented the gastronomic spectrum of the North Region

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Seven  participants of the educational track, including those who already work  in Pechengski district, and those who are just going to open a business  on its territory, presented the gastronomic spectrum of the North and  its gifts.

Each participant has a variety of dishes:  brownie-cores, Arctic salmon kebabs, bread ice cream, Scandinavian  waffles with different fillings, cod burgers and other no less  interesting dishes.

The skill of the chefs and the presentation  were assessed by invited experts: journalist and food blogger Roman Loshmanov and editor-in-chief of the Eda.ru portal Marina Shakleina.

Preparation for the Gastro Industry  Fest has become a platform for the exchange of ideas and experience between  the chefs of Pechengski district, as  well as an occasion to unite for the creation of unique Arctic dishes.

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The organizer of the project is the “Second School” Center with the support of “Nornikel”.

Photos by Alena Afanasova