Taibola is the headliner of the summer Art-Residence 2021

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Taibola – open air fest

Let us introduce you our Summer Art-Residence in Nikel headliner: Taibola

What is Taibola

While applications are still  being accepted for participation in the summer art-residence, which will  take place on August 1-10 in Nikel, we present to you the headliner of  the summer art residence season.

Taibola is  the world famous youth cultural and ecological festival, which takes  place annually in the Arkhangelsk region.

Traditionally, the  festival unites several platforms: a "live" stage, an  "electronic" platform, a fair, a tea house, a space for master classes, a  sports ground, art objects and infrastructure.

The Main Goal

The main goal is  to involve viewers in the creative process. Art objects are  created both by professional artists and by everyone interested.

In  fact, Taibola is a small town with a population of several thousand  people, which lives for three days, and a month is spent on its  construction and dismantling. Guests from this city will visit us, in  the Arctic.

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Do you have any questions? 🤔
You can ask Natalia Sidorina, project manager of the art-residence in Nikel:
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