Start of the summer art-residence "Nikel-Polar Day 2021"

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Today the artists from Moscow, St. Petersburg and Murmansk gathered at the “Second School” Center in Nikel.

🛤 This season the theme of the art-residence is “The Way to Scandinavia”. For ten days, residents will try to present their sense of the territory through sound, video, graphics and digital art and will find their way to Scandinavia.

🤗 The acquaintance of art-residents with the Far North began with a visit to the Titov Border Memorial Complex (Staraya Titovka settlement) and the Holy Trinity Trifonov Pechengski Monastery (Luostari settlement). Also, the participants of the summer art-residence will get acquainted with Nikel, the unique northern nature and residents.
The organizer of the project is the “Second School” Center with the support of “Nornikel”.