Nikel's new brand


Nikel's new brand

The development of a brand book for the Nikel began a year ago when a survey of local residents was announced, and an acquaintance with “The Asmysl” team took place. During last year in-depth interviews and a study of the territory were carried out. Also and a round table was held with the administration of the Pechengsky municipal district.

The multitude of i letters in the Niiiiiikel logo means unlimited opportunities for business projects, public initiatives, creative events, and activities that the area already attracts.

New characters - “kerns” will help to promote Nikel to a youth audience. They can be found in comics, cartoons, and sticker packs.

In the future, “The Asmysl” team will develop a tourist map of the territory and an international navigation system.

You can see the Nikel's new brandbook by the link (in Russian)