Gastro Industry Festival: the catering part is in development


Gastro Industry Festival: the catering part is in development

Gastro Industry Festival: chefs from the Pechenga District come up with a festival menu

Entrepreneurs  of the Pechenga District, engaged in the catering sector, within the  educational block of the “Gastro Industry Festival” project, presented  the first developments of the menu of the “Gastro Industry festival”,  which will take place on September 18 in Nikel.

➡️ The goal of  the "Gastro Industry Festival" project is to form the image of the  Pechenga District as a gastronomic center in the North.

The main dishes of the future festival are Arctic cuisine and northern products.
Most  of the chefs and entrepreneurs who are now developing the tasty and  nutritious component of the “Gastro Industry festival” are residents of  the Pechenga District. But there are also entrepreneurs from Murmansk  and Monchegorsk among them.

The festival participants have a lot  to learn. Ekaterina Shapovalova, the author of the idea and coordinator  of the federal project "Laboratory of the Gastronomic Map of Russia",  will take part in its educational part.

🔜The next meeting of  chefs - participants of the “Gastro Industry Festival”, where the main  practice will be, is planned for June.

Today is the best day to create our future!

The organizer of the project is the “Second School” Center with the support of “Nornikel”.