Start of the Nickel-Polar Night 2022 winter art residency

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18 February marks the start of the winter season of the Art Residence "Nickel - Polar Night 2022

February 18 marks the start of the winter season of the Art Residence "Nickel - Polar Night 2022".

The theme of this season of the art residence is "Made of Nickel" - reflection of oneself as a part of the industrial history of the northern settlement.

- During the last art residence Alexander Khromykh came to us. During his work in Nickel, he came up with the idea of reflecting on and engaging the creative community on what "Made of Nickel" means. The topic is wide-ranging and involves social perceptions, i.e. how attached people are to nickel production and how much they identify with the village of Nickel itself. Is nickel first of all a state of mind of a frontier village resident or a chemical element? And it is with this concept, this idea that artists from all over the country come to us," said Natalia Sidorina, head of the Community Development Department of the Second School Centre.

A large number of high-quality and talented applications were submitted for the winter art residency, from which curator of the art residency Alexander Khromykh had great difficulty in selecting five participants.

This season's resident artists are:

✔️ Vladimir Andreev (St Petersburg).

Vladimir specialises in kinetic sculpture. It is a trend in contemporary art that plays with the effects of real movement of the whole work or its components.

✔️ Yulia Shafarostova (Krasnodar)

Yulia is planning to develop an alternative tour route for Nickel, based on existing tours but adding something unique.

✔️ Vadim Kondakov (St. Petersburg)

Vadim in the creativity actively uses metal. The artist refers to it not as a strict and rigid material, but as part of nature that can flow from one form to another.

✔️ Victoria Kravtsova (St. Petersburg)

Viktorija works with material-glass, creates sculptures, paints graphics and is fond of land-art. She is planning to create a sculpture for Nickel from her project "Glazok".

✔️ Ilya Shalashov (Saint Petersburg)

Ilya creates a series of objects using plastic transformation of metal, where the initial form has a geometric module in its base. Under the action of the deformation forces, the geometry of his form acquires a "living", bionic character.

➡️ Read more about the participants in the winter art residency on the residency page on our website (see below).

- The increase in the number of applications for participation is quite an interesting trend", says Natalia Sidorina. - We are witnessing how a small village with an industrial history attracts creative people with its non-triviality within their understanding. Artists come into contact with things that are not entirely unknown to them. They are in touch with technology and industrial issues.

👍 The residents have already come to Nickel to be inspired by the polar nature and history of the industrial village. For a fortnight, the guys will explore the environment and create objects as part of this season's theme.

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